Traditional Ankara Iro & Buba Goes On A Street Style Shoot

Like every other work of art or artists, beautiful photography, and photographers alike, need to be vividly appreciated and placed on the spotlight they so deserve. Lately, we have been loving the fabulously creative shoots of London based Nigerian photographer Dudu Images, his passion for the art and use of African props cannot be over emphasized, and because people who curate and immensely celebrate the beauty of African women are very special to Zen Magazine, we decided to share these awesome set of Traditional Ankara Street style shoot with you all.


Also, there’s almost no shoot as clean and vibrant as this, Dudu images and Chantle White; a london creative stylist from Nigeria, both carefully created something that the African woman will forever love and be moved by, from the use of traditional african prints called Ankara, , headwraps,  unique colorful necklaces, earrings and bracelet for african women, to incorporating the whole vibe in a street style way, everything about the shoot is super dope.

For this and many more, the creative duo are going to share with us the things that inspired this shoot to motivate other creatives out there. Havev a fun read!



The inspiration for this shoot came from looking at the beautiful zigzag black and white wall located under the train station at Shoreditch, and its area; the ever popular brick Lane known for its eclectic jumble of tat, vintage and graffiti. I had a word with DUDU IMAGES about my idea due to his ability to use natural light and love for Africa Culture as he has done on previous occasions.


We then decided to do an African inspired street shoot to compliment the walls and artistic scenery of the location. I visualized reintroducing my traditional IRO and BUBA, a staple of my mom growing up in Surulere Lagos, Nigeria into this upmarket area of Shoreditch. We visualized three models  in a very vibrant colorful ANKARA fabric styled in IRO AND BUBA outfit with an urban twist with the models wearing CONVERSE TRAINERS to compliment the London pop culture and urban look typically seen around Shoreditch and Bricklane.

I had initially thought of incorporating traditional makeup with emphasis on dots around the eyes with vertical line across the lips, and all thanks to Zaynab  our Make-up Artist who was fantastic as she was happy to bring my idea to life and worked well under pressure.

In all, the whole team worked well together and the shoot was directed well by DUDU IMAGES. In particular he paid attention to details and captured the atmosphere and brought life to looks.



I am an Engineering Geologist by profession and a self-taught portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer. I believe my ability as a Geologist allows me to be very creative with my style, which is featured in my work.


I draw my inspiration from my surroundings, and I believe every creative should do that too. There are over 30 natural minerals around the world with each having distinctive colors and pattern thus, I explore my ideas using combinations of wonderful lights in particular natural light and rich colors together to capture the character in every photograph I take.

I have natural eye for the beauty of simplicity and the capacity to seize my subject attention in a single frame and I strive to capture true emotions, personalities and intensity in each of my subject.






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