Travel Alert: Preskil Beach Resort in Mauritius is Luxurious in Every Way

Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+AfricaWon’t you love to do your honeymoon here?

Imagine yourself relaxing on powdery white sands close to warm azure waters. Take in the fresh air, sit back and enjoy the awesome natural view that Africa has to offer. Whether it’s your first time holidaying in Africa or you are a frequent traveler, one thing is certain, and that is Mauritius is one country in the world with some of the most beautiful beach resorts ever created. One of the many resorts that caught our attention this month is the Preskil Beach Resort. Located along the South-East coast of Mauritius, the resort is the only hotel in Mauritius to be on a private peninsula, with approximately 750 meters of beach space and surrounded by palm trees in a luxurious and stunning natural environment. Below are a few aerial views of the resort, stunning won’t you say:

Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (2)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (3)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (4)

The resort has 3 types of accommodation

1, Lagoon Rooms: The lagoon rooms are located in the garden and are the standard rooms perfect for singles or new couples.

2, Prestige Cottages: The cottages are located on the ground floor and each have stunning views of the sea, the Lion Mountain and l’Ile aux Aigrettes. Each cottage has a beach/lagoon front, with a bath and separate shower. They are perfect for couples or families who need a large space to play with.

3, Deluxe Penthouses: If you have money to spend then these penthouses are perfect for you because they are more spacious than the cottages or the lagoon rooms. The spacious penthouses of Preskil Beach Resort overlook the beautiful Indian Ocean and the view from the penthouse is breathtaking.

Check out some images of the rooms, cottages and penthouse at Preskil:

Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (5)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (6)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (7)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (8)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (9)Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (10)

When it comes to dinner and drinks, guests can choose to enjoy cocktails at the Indigo Bar, some grilled imported meat at the Charka Steak House & Bar, grilled seafood at the Tapas Grill & Beach Bar or just enjoy meals at Spices, the main restaurant of the hotel which is open for breakfast and dinner.

More photos after the cut:

Preskil+Beach+Resort+In+Africa+Mauritius+Zen+Magazine+Africa (11)spicesIndigo_Bar_1_HRestaurant-Tapas-Grill-Beach-bar_H

  • Pros:
    – Intimacy
    – Fantastic food
    – Chlorine free Pool (with sea view)
    – Each suite is unique (amazing beds)
    – Excellent hospitality
  • Cons:
    – You’ll miss this resort so much and its food after you leave!!!
    – Could be a bit expensive from EUR 120.00 – EUR 215.00 per night (though worth every penny)

So if you are after a “Luxury” experience in Africa, the Preskil Beach Resort is the perfect place to be. If you must visit this awesome place, be sure to mention where you read about it. You never know.. you might just get a discount because of it. Have fun!!!

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