Guinea bans beauty pageants after skimpy outfits cause outrage

Guinea’s government has temporarily banned beauty pageants after the skimpy outfits in the swimwear section caused outrage

The Miss Guinea contest was organized last Saturday with personalities including the Minister of Culture and the Prime Minister.

The competitors paraded in front of the Prime Minister Mamady Youla in bikinis, attracting severe criticism on social media.

Culture Minister Siaka Barry has broken the contract with the organizing committee of the event.

The partnership agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the Miss Guinea Committee (COMIGUI) on the organization of beauty contests at the national level is suspended until further,” says a document of the Ministry.

The ban is until a new code of ethics has been drawn up, Culture Minister Siaka Barry said.

He said a committee has been set up to come up with that code.

He added that the government has ended its contract with the organisers of the beauty pageant.  

According to the Minister, until a new specifications and a code of ethics and professional ethics are drawn up by a commission to be set up for this purpose, any organization having as object the competitions of beauty to the national dimension.

“Is now prohibited throughout the Territory on pain of withdrawal of the license of entrepreneur and organizer of cultural events, without prejudice to legal proceedings.

“For the promotion of the most positive image of our cultural, traditional and authentic values, specifications will be drawn up and an ethics and ethics charter will be drawn up to define in detail the new modalities and / or conditions of organization of the Miss Guinea election, “concludes the text.

The girls were wearing “truth clothes,” as they say in the jargon of beauty contests.

These are the swimsuit and other bikini and since these were not uniform, Internet users wrote that some would have even worn strings.



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